You wish to orient your company’s marketing strategy towards the email channel?

Good idea, because email remains the most profitable of all digital marketing techniques ($42 collected for $1 spent on email marketing).

To double the number of contacts in your mailing list, you will need to build an email collection strategy, then segment them according to their browsing, buying and engagement behavior (opening rate, click rate) and thus send them the right message at the right time.

More importantly, how will you collect the right email addresses? People who will be prospects and not just contacts?

For your email marketing strategy to be successful, 3 things are necessary:

  1. You have a way to reach people
  2. You have a way to collect their emails
  3. These people are qualified


Here are 10 ways to grow your company’s mailing list:


  1. Via Facebook ads
  2. Smart pop up
  3. In the site menu
  4. Share the registration link in Instagram stories
  5. Propose to your new LinkedIn contacts
  6. Create qualitative and non-promotional content
  7. Ask fans to share your newsletters
  8. Add a link to your registration form in your signature
  9. Organize webinars that require registration by email
  10. Identify and contact influencers 

1 – Collecting emails via ads on Facebook


Facebook is the world’s leading social network, chances are your potential customers connect to it daily. And that your competitors are already advertising on it.

Among the many possibilities offered by the Facebook advertising network to SMEs, there is the email retrieval form.

See below :


  1. the person clicks on your ad in their Facebook News Feed
  2. a pop up window opens with a question (or several, it’s to be configured) then the email is already filled in, because it’s the one the person uses on Facebook

Other method :


The ad is broadcasted on Facebook but redirects to a dedicated page of your site (the landing page) in which you have inserted a form (typeform is a very good tool, do you know it?) to retrieve the email address but also other information

The advantage of this method is that your prospects are better qualified, however you will pay them a little more.

2 – Collecting emails with a smart popup

Everybody has already been exposed at least 10 times to an email retrieval pop up, so we won’t go back on the principle, as it has proven its worth.

However, a new generation of pop-ups has recently appeared (during 2019), and is already producing excellent results, thanks to very effective features:

  • pop up customization
  • A/B pop up test: different versions of the pop up are presented to the visitors to find the formula that yields the most registrations.
  • integration of the tool with email marketing software
  • creation of questionnaires or quizzes to segment new emails or simply give a playful side to email harvesting
  • present different versions of pop up depending on visitor profiles and their origin

An article presenting ConvertBox is available here.

As a rough guide, a standard pop up collects on average about 3 emails per 100 visits to a site. A ConvertBox pop-up is generally around 15 emails per 100 visits.


Be careful however to set them well to avoid fatigue / annoyance if it happens too quickly and too often while browsing the site.

3 – In the menu of your site

Quite original, but precisely, this placement should make it possible to get out of the traditions and obtain interesting results.

To be tested!

4 – In Instagram story

Punctually, it can be interesting to activate the community on Instagram via the Story format (which is the format that reaches the most people organically – i.e. without paying) and offer them to join the newsletter of your SME to benefit from **** (it’s up to you to complete).

It is advisable to give a concrete and attractive reason.

Example :

Note: it is also possible to place a link in your Instagram profile description to subscribe to the newsletter.

5 – Propose to your new LinkedIn contacts


When a new connection is made on Linkedin, it’s the ideal time to start the discussion, and get to know each other’s activities.

Thanks to Linkedin automation tools such as Phantom Buster or Prospect’in, it is possible to set up an automatic welcome message. 

This can be : 

  • Hello “first name”, delighted to count you among my network. You might be interested in our monthly newsletter, here is the link to subscribe :

Viral Linkedin posts are also on the rise.

If your post generates many views within the network, placing a link to subscribe to a newsletter can really boost your subscriber base. 

It is to be considered.

6 – Create qualitative and non-promotional content

Email marketing is the most profitable digital channel. By far.

This does not necessarily mean that you should only send emails to sell your product or service. 

It is necessary to find the right balance between informative, playful and promotional content to alternate the types of content in your email database and avoid fatigue or saturation.

This is why quality content IS and MUST remain the number one priority, as it will eventually generate a significant number of registrations.

Note: it is better to have a small number of committed subscribers (who open your emails and click) than a large number of subscribers with less than 5% opening rate.

7 – Ask fans to share your newsletters


This possibility should be considered in your email collection strategy. Your subscribers can be effective if you solicit them intelligently-

Technique 1

  • at the bottom of each of your newsletters, add a discreet mention, for example: “this newsletter interested you? Let people around you discover it”.

Technique 2

  • select your most engaged fans: those who open and click your emails the most.

    Send them a personalized email asking them to share your newsletter subscription link with people in their personal or professional circle who might be interested. 

They will feel honored by this personalized and useful message.

8 – Add a newsletter subscription link to your signature


It’s a little trick, but it will contribute to make your email database grow with the people outside your SME with whom you exchange.

Note: If you want to measure the number of clicks of this tip, it is interesting to use links. 

In addition, you can customize your link of the type: subscription to make it more understandable.

9 – Organize webinars


The webinar format has been very successful in recent years, and has literally exploded since the health crisis.

Very easy to organize with Zoom or Livestorm, it can be used to exchange live between the company and its subscribers on a defined theme, or by involving an expert from this or that sector of activity.

The webinar is therefore an excellent way to get new email addresses because participants must register with an email address.

The promotion of the webinar can be done on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram etc… It is up to you to determine the strategy to spread the word about the event.

The webinar has the added advantage of reinforcing your brand image through an innovative format and establishing your expertise in your sector of activity.

10 – Identify and contact influencers


Influencers can have a real impact in building and increasing your email contact base.

Prescribers in their field, there are some for all sectors of activity, and even if your company is in a niche, or that you are mainly in B2B, there is still a strong chance that influencers are already in this niche.

Contact them to promote your newsletter. Offer them a product or a service from your company as compensation or pay them by the number of emails collected.

Be inventive and pugnacious, because this method is effective. The quality of your content will also be an important part of your negotiation. The more your content is betting, the more likely the influencer will be inclined to accept your offer.


Be creative in your approaches and don’t forbid yourself to do anything. 

The lesson is: test, analyze, optimize, or move on if the results aren’t there.