Some basics about Facebook

Here is the most impressive Facebook statistic: 2.23 billion people connect to the platform every month. Chances are your customers use Facebook, just like your competitors. Facebook is the first social network in the world, accused of many evils, it also generates a lot of fantasies and misunderstandings about its goals but also about how […]

Marketing automation :
what advantages for SMBs?


You’ve probably heard about it because it is praised (and used) everywhere. Marketing automation was born as often in North America about ten years ago and then infiltrated the marketing strategies of pure players (companies with an online existence only), before conquering any kind of business.But why this success, and what is marketing automation really all […]

The landing page

A landing page is a specific web page on which some Internet users are sent back after clicking on a link (advertising, newsletter, partner content) to carry out a concrete action (purchase, response to a questionnaire, sponsorship).   The landing page has a unique purpose Indeed, it is an immutable rule of the landing page. […]