What is ConvertBox?

ConvertBox is an email magnet tool via a pop up system. It has been in existence since 2020 and offers innovative features at a low cost compared to competing tools.


ConvertBox is easy to install

Indeed, for a WordPress site, ConvertBox is installed in less than 3 minutes, without the need for knowledge of code. 3 steps are enough:

  1. Download the plugin for WordPress
  2. Install the plugin for WordPress
  3. Insert code

Notes : 

  1. If you are not on WordPress: you can install it manually on any website.

  2. Depending on the version you choose, ConvertBox can be installed on 10 sites ($495) or 50 sites ($590). 


ConvertBox pop-ups take several forms 

The ConvertBox email pop-ups display differently depending on the settings you choose.

For example, they can be displayed full screen or only at the top or bottom of a page, or on the side.



Easy to handle

The ConvertBox interface is indeed very intuitive and minimalist. The menus are clear and easy to understand. This simplicity is very pleasant because it allows you to play with the tool almost immediately.


Hyper customizable: logo, fonts, colors

Creating a pop up to retrieve emails with ConvertBox is not only very simple, but it is also possible to customize many aspects of the pop up:

  1. Inserting an image or a logo
  2. Use of various fonts (and those of your site)
  3. Choice of a wide range of colors, including that of any graphic charge


ConvertBox allows you to segment your new emails

This is a great strength of ConvertBox, being able to segment the newly harvested emails and send them directly to feed specific lists in your emailing tool.

  • Example 1 : your website is available in several languages > you make a pop up in each language and send the new emails in the list corresponding to the right language.

  • Example 2 : You run a campaign on Facebook that redirects visitors to your site. Some visitors leave their emails, you can define a special pop up for visitors coming from Facebook and send the new emails in a list called “Facebook”.


ConvertBox can test different pop up versions

This is clearly one of the great strengths of ConvertBox: it is the “Split Test“.

This allows you to test up to 4 versions per pop up. Change colors, teasers, font sizes, pop up sizes, then wait a few days to see which pop up collects the most emails. 

This is a very big advantage because it allows you to try different approaches. 


  • A pop up offers a discount of 10 euros on the first order 
  • Another pop up offers 15% discount on the first order.

Thanks to the split test, it is very easy to know which approach (10 euros or 15% is the most efficient).


It feeds email lists (Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Active Campaign…)

This allows a very fine segmentation and to integrate these new email contacts immediately into a sequence of automated emails:

  • automated email 1 : welcome
  • automated email 2 : history, values of your brand / company
  • automated email 3 : discovery of the latest product / service news


ConvertBox is RGPD compliant

Indeed, it is today an important element to be in the rules of personal data protection.

ConvertBox does not store any email, it only sends them to other emailing tools (Mailchimp, Sendinblue etc…). 

It is therefore perfectly legitimate to use ConvertBox under the GSP legislation.


It integrates e-commerce functionalities

ConvertBox offers features for time-limited promotions such as countdown. 

ConvertBox makes it easy to launch scheduled or open-ended promotions in just a few clicks.

Create surveys and quizzes to segment, capture and convert visitors. 


One-time purchase: lifetime access

Unlike many tools, ConvertBox can be purchased at once for lifetime access. No monthly or annual subscription, and updates are included in this one-time purchase.


Satisfied or reimbursed for 30 days

Indeed, no commitment without being able to test the ConvertBox product. For 30 days, it is possible to test it from every possible angle and in every conceivable scenario.

Considering all the advantages of ConvertBox, this is not too much, but usually after a few days one can already form a solid opinion of the solution.


Fast and efficient support

It is a significant component when taking a new product in hand. This solution is rather intuitive and easy to use, however it can happen that in some advanced features the support can be useful.

Quick response commitment, ConvertBox support responds in less than 24 hours.

As an alternative to the official support, the Facebook group dedicated to ConvertBox is in English, but the community is active and always quick to find a solution very quickly.



ConvertBox is an indispensable tool for any company, SMB, VSB, independent, wishing to collect the emails of its site visitors and use them to transform them into potential customers.

It is much cheaper than its competitors (Optin Monster) for example and exists in a version that can be installed on 10 sites ($495) or on 50 sites ($590).


Special limited time offer

As ConvertBox wants to quickly gain market share and establish itself as the best tool, it is currently offering an advantageous pricing.

To benefit from it click here

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